Monday, September 17, 2007

Table of Contents

This is the new and improved Table of Contents, however, some explanation is required to first time readers:

People who can't objectively and specifically state what they believe and why are limited and the same as all the other people who have abstract beliefs. The purpose of "Modeling God" is to help you become the person God created you to be. In order to begin this process, you need to know what YOU believe and WHY. Even if you don't agree with the non-contradictory worldview presented in "Modeling God", if the information is considered, the individual will know what they believe and why.

For two years, I had a pastor claiming that Modeling God was heretical, yet he wouldn't give his support for his claims. From time to time, this blog documents the struggles with this pastor. The conclusion occurred in late 2009. His lawyer gave the pastor's formal support. It turns out that not only did he have any support, his attempt to give his HOW/WHY led to HIM being heretical and disagreeing with the Bible! Here is a link to December 2009 proving that Tim Snell has NO SUPPORT for his claims about Modeling God: Tim Snell's Formal Support.

This blog has covered a lot of topics...some are covered in "Modeling God" and some aren't.

In fact, there are over 700 posts on this blog. To the new reader this looks overwhelming. If you are interested in going through the information on this blog, I would begin with the Brain Series and read straight through today. Everything on this blog before this Series is foundational and can be accessed WHEN NEEDED through links in the later posts. Now, to the list of topics...

This first section consists of foundational topics. Each link goes to the first post in that topical grouping.

The Four God-Given Principles
Various Definitions and Applications
Who God Made You To BE
The Role of Thinking
The Hard Question, Model For God, Model For Jesus
Atlas Shrugged Notes
Personal Background on Modeling God
Proving God Exists in 8 Seconds
Understanding vs. Agreement
Coming to Conclusions With Only Three Questions
Joyce Meyer's Changing of the Bible
God's "Sovereign" Will?
Life: The Ability to Repair
The Importance of Words
God Wants You to Be a Modeler
The Acts Church
Pornography, Masculinity, Sex, and Marriage
Thinking Background
One Way Justice
Personal Stories About My Life: From Birth to College Graduation
The Meaning of Life
The Gospel

The rest of this blog has been presented in "Series Form". Each month we begin a new Series as I feel led of the Holy Spirit. Each link will take you to the beginning of each Series. Again, anyone wishing to begin reading this blog ought to begin here because throughout these Series there are links back to the Foundational posts when you would be learning about each of these topics at the most opportune time.

The Brain Series
God's Will Series
The Book of Job Series
The New Testament Job
2008: The Year in Review

The next set of Series were presented in 2009 and, when taken in order, form a book!
The Book of Romans
The Salvation Series
The Book of I Corinthians
The Most Underappreciated Event In The Bible: The Last Supper
The Book of Daniel
The Spiritual Warfare Series
Strongholds: Leadership and The Role of the Sexes
The Men and Women Series
The Books of I John, II John, and III John
The Abuse Series
The Unaware Brain
The Updated Unaware Brain
Conclusion: How To End Our Dispensation

2009: The Year in Review

In 2010, we are doing The Gospel According to Matthew with Background Series in between sections of Matthew:

Matthew chapters 1 through 7
Unaware Brain and Spiritual Warfare
Matthew chapters 8 through 12
The Brothers Karamazowsky (The Novella)
Matthew chapters 13 through 17
Sin and Confronting People
Matthew chapter 18
Matthew chapter 19
Matthew chapter 20
The Doctrine of Enemy
The Doctrine of Friend
Friendship, Fellowship, Love, and Grace
Three Way Fellowship Mini-series

The Man-Made Doctrine of:
The Laws of the Land

Modeling in the Bible
Matthew chapter 21
Matthew chapter 22
Matthew chapter 23
Matthew chapter 24
The Day of The Lord
Matthew chapter 25
Rapture Perspectives
Matthew chapter 26
Matthew chapter 27
Matthew chapter 28
Happiness and Maturity (Summary of The Gospel According to Matthew)

In 2011, we had the following Series:
Spiritual Maturity
How To Have a Happy New Year
Biblical Examples of Spiritual Maturity
How To Be a Man
How To Be a Husband
How To Be a Father
Word Used in the Bible: Graphe, Logos, Rhema
Sixty Doctrines

Then we had two of the most important Series on this blog:
Motivational Spiritual Gifts: Who God Made You To Be
Personality Model: Thinking Models

In 2012, we will spend the entire year looking at a chronological presentation of the Gospels:


Anonymous said...

You have stated that this site is being used as a resource, something that might make it easier to find things is a full index.

It's difficult some times to find the right article or source when you have to go through ever single date just to find it and the table of content is limited.

Just a thought!

jg lenhart said...

Hi Anonymous,

I agree, individual topics are hard to find if they aren't a part of a Series.

For now, my trick is to google: modeletics + (whatever you are looking for)

That seems to go through my site in detail.