Friday, October 29, 2010

Summary Matthew Chapter 26

This year we have been covering The Gospel According to Matthew. We have covered the first twenty-six chapters of Matthew. The last three months have each resulted in a record high number of visits to this blog. Again, thank you to all who have contributed to the discussion in the comments section making this blog unique!

Before we look at a very brief summary of Matthew chapter 26, let's put this chapter in context...

We have seen one way to look at Matthew is according to the five-fold ministry...

Matthew chapters 1-4 showed Jesus as the Ultimate Apostle. He began the Ultimate Ministry.

Matthew chapters 5-7 showed Jesus as the Ultimate Teacher. We have seen Jesus did NOT stray from the blatant doctrine He presented during these three chapters.

Matthew chapters 8-15 showed Jesus as the Ultimate Evangelist. The masses were drawn to Him.

Matthew chapters 16-25 showed Jesus as the Ultimate Prophet. He prepared His disciples for His departure.

Matthew chapter 26 showed Jesus as the Ultimate Pastor. He had taken care of His Flock and they were ready to become pastors themselves.

From the beginning of this year's Series, we stated EVERYONE referred to Jesus as Rabbi. He was training twelve students to become Rabbi's. Matthew chapter 26 documented the beginning of Jesus' suffering...which means the time when the disciples would "graduate" was also nearing.

(One of the thoughts behind Peter being sifted as wheat is that this was necessary in order to complete Peter's training towards becoming the leader of the disciples after Jesus left. We saw the sifting caused Peter to lose everything that would hinder him from being all God created him to be.)

Matthew 26:1-5: Jesus prophecied about His crucifixion.
Matthew 26:6-16: Jesus taught and prophesied about His death when the woman poured the expensive ointment upon His head.
Matthew 26:17-30: Jesus presided over the Last Supper...which we have called the First New Testament Church Service.
Matthew 26:31-35: Jesus referred to Himself, through prophecy, as the Shepherd. Jesus prophecied Peter would deny Him when Peter said he would never be offended...which began the sifting process.
Matthew 26:36-46: Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane.
Matthew 26:47-56: Jesus was betrayed into the hands of the elders Torah teachers.
Matthew 26:57-68: Jesus' mock trial before the Sanhedrin
Matthew 26:69-75: Peter's denial of Christ...the sifting process was completed.

On Monday, we will begin Matthew chapter 27...

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