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The Harbinger Summary

This post begins a "weekend" mini-series covering "The Harbinger" by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. If you stay with this mini-series, you will see that we conclude with a specific response we as a nation ought to have according to the Bible (and "The Harbinger") in order to avoid any more Harbingers. The interesting thing is this mini-series shows that Jonathan Cahn does NOT have a specific way to avoid further Harbingers and in the year since this book was published he has actively avoided discussing SPECIFIC ways to avoid further Harbingers even though the solution is hidden in his book! (In fact, it may be that Jonathan Cahn is choosing "Defiance" over "Humility" in avoiding this discussion.)

This first post summarizes the plot and key points of "The Harbinger"...kind of like "cliff notes".

"The Harbinger" is a fictional story that attempts to connect a verse from the Bible (Isaiah 9:10) with actual events that have occurred in the United States. It is similar to "The Da Vinci Code" only the events that are used to support the fictional story are factual. Ultimately, the reader needs to decide whether a verse from the Bible stated to Israel could also be applied to the United States.

Here was Isaiah 9:10...

"The bricks are fallen, but we will build with hewn stone; the sycomores are cut down, but we will put cedars in their place."

The overarching theme of Isaiah 9:10 was "Defiance vs. Humility"...which is also the overarching theme of "The Harbinger".

In the next post, we will cover this theme of "Defiance vs. Humility" in depth. For now, God's focus on our response to His warning/correction (Harbinger) was a theme that ran from the beginning of the Bible through to the end. When correction comes, God would want us to humble ourselves...specifically: confess and repent. The correct response would be: "God, we will stop being in charge and begin to take direction from you."

However, the prideful response would be work harder in one's own strength in order to avoid another warning/correction (Harbinger): "WE will work even harder to make sure this doesn't happen again"...which would actually bring another, more severe even, warning/correction from God.

To that end, Isaiah 9:10 was Israel's response to the first time foreigners breached their land. Their bricks were fallen and their sycomores were cut down. Rather than humble themselves and take direction from God, they decided in their own strength to build with hewn stone and plant do something that was physically stronger than what they had...which proved they no longer relied on God but relied on themselves...which would invite more warnings/corrections (Harbingers) from God.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn showed how the United States has chosen defiance over humility and LITERALLY fulfilled Isaiah 9:10!

Here is a summary of the critical information from "The Harbinger":

The United States official birthdate was April 30, 1789. George Washington gave his inaugural speech in Freedom Hall near Wall Street in New York City. The churches rang their bells at 9 AM for half an hour on that morning and people were asked to spend that time in prayer for the new country.

Here is a picture of the statue of George Washington in front of Freedom Hall in New York City:

His right hand is outstretched because it was on the Bible while he took the oath of office. In fact, on the facing to the right as you look at the statue, there is this engraving of Washington praying:

George Washington's first act in his inaugural address was to recognize God's role in creating this nation:

"Such being the impressions under which I have, in obedience to the public summons, repaired to the present station, it would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official act my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over the universe, who presides in the councils of nations, and whose providential aids can supply every human defect, that His benediction may consecrate to the liberties and happiness of the people of the United States a Government instituted by themselves for these essential purposes, and may enable every instrument employed in its administration to execute with success the functions allotted to his charge. In tendering this homage to the Great Author of every public and private good, I assure myself that it expresses your sentiments not less than my own, nor those of my fellow-citizens at large less than either."

Washington also stated:

"The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself hath ordained."

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn calls this a vow that the leader of the nation made over the nation concerning God. Since Washington was the leader and he made a vow for the nation, God would hold our nation to this vow. In fact, our leader (Washington) specifically stated that it is a godly principle that God doesn't continue to bless ANY nation that disregards His principles of order and right.

Once Washington's speech was completed, the President led a procession of the government of the United States from Federal Hall to St. Paul's Chapel where he led the Congress in a prayer of consecration of the nation to the work of God, and a prayer of thanks to God for His guidance and blessings on the formation of our government.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn likened the events of the first day of our country to Solomon's dedication of the Temple. Our nation was founded with a vow and a consecration in a church.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn believes this meant that when the United States strayed from God's principles, God would be able to warn/correct the United States with a Harbinger...just like He did with Israel. Not because the United States was another Israel, but because this is how God operates with those nations who choose to make a vow to God and consecrate themselves to Him.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn believes 9/11 was a Harbinger and conveys this point in his story through a fictional prophet communicating to the narrator of the book with nine clues. The nine (Harbinger) clues and their meaning are:

Harbinger #1: The Breach
The first warning from God is a removal of a hedge resulting in a limited attack. This ought to warn the people that God's protective Hand is being lifted and they need to confess and repent...humble themselves. For Israel this occurred in 732 BC. For the United States this was September 11, 2001.

Harbinger #2: The Terrorist
The people who breached Israel in 732 BC were the Assyrians...which were the same people who breached the United States during 9/11. The next set of Harbingers dealt with Isaiah 9:10...

Harbinger #3: The Fallen Bricks
The people who breached the nation would cause destruction to buildings. The purpose of the 9/11 attacks was to take down the Twin Towers.

Harbinger #4: The Tower
Israel's response was to build even stronger. Likewise, the United States' response was to rebuild even stronger. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn cites many quotes of public leaders stating we need to build a bigger tower as an act of defiance. Not only for New York City but for the very nation itself. Here is the Tower as of October 28, 2012:

Here are just a few:

-Crispin Sartwell:
"The developer who holds the lease has vowed that the towers will rise again. It is easy to see the emotional appeal of such a view: it would show us as defiant in the face of terror, unbowed, climbing again gleaming into the sky: taller, bigger, stronger."

-New York Governor George Pataki on 7/4/2004:
"Let this great Freedom Tower show the world that what our enemies sought to destroy - our democracy, our freedom, our way of life stands taller than ever."

-For the transcript of the entire speech click this link: George Pataki Speech. Here are two more quotes from the speech:
"Today, we, the heirs of that revolutionary spirit of defiance, lay this cornerstone and unmistakably signal to the world the unwavering strength of this nation, and our resolve to fight freedom."


"Today we take twenty tons of Adirondack granite - the bedrock of our state - and place it as the foundation, the bedrock, of this new symbol of American strength and confidence."

Actually, the George Pataki speech was given over an event that served as the next Harbinger...

Harbinger #5: The Gazit Stone
The Israelites rebuilt with quarried stone. Three years after 9/11, a twenty ton quarried stone from upstate New York was placed at Ground Zero and dedicated as the beginning of the rebuilding. It was called, "The Freedom Stone". Here is a link: Pictures of The Freedom Stone. The first George Pataki link above also goes to an article covering the event.

Harbinger #6: The Sycomore
When the Twin Towers fell, it uprooted a sycamore tree that became known as "The Sycamore Tree of Ground Zero". Here is a link to all that remains of the tree. (We will learn more about this tree...)

Harbinger #7: The Erez Tree
In November 2003, an Erez (conifer) tree was placed into the spot of the fallen sycamore and became known as "The Tree of Hope". Here is a link to the announcement of its first lighting. Here is a picture of this (dying) tree on October 28, 2012 (the day before Hurricane Sandy made landfall):

Harbinger #8: The Utterance
Once all of the previous Harbingers were in place, the utterance was the public speaking of Isaiah 9:10...the vow of defiance. John Edwards quoted Isaiah 9:10 in Washington, DC on September 11, 2004.

Harbinger #9: The Prophecy
This is a public quoting of Isaiah 9:10 as prophecy. Tom Daschle did this on September 12, 2001 as the United States' first official response to the attack.

Notice, the previous two Harbingers involved national leaders quoting Isaiah 9:10 as support for what we as a nation were doing! Isaiah 9:10 spoke of not humbling ourselves but being defiant towards God's correction/warning (Harbingers). Our national leaders stated their will for all of us that we recognized God's principles and were intentionally choosing the path of Defiance instead of Humility! Rabbi Jonathan Cahn believes this allowed God to bring an even greater correction/warning (Harbinger). Before we get to that, let's revisit the sycamore tree...

The overarching connection to these Harbingers and the beginning of our nation was St. Paul's Chapel. When President Washington led the Congress to consecrate the nation in St. Paul's Chapel, the land that St. Paul's Chapel owned included the land where the Twin Towers would eventually be built! (Take a moment and think about this "bizarre" fact.)

ALL the buildings surrounding the Twin Towers were destroyed EXCEPT one: St. Paul's Chapel. Why wasn't it destroyed? A sycamore tree took the brunt of the damage...sacrificing itself in the process. Here are two pictures of St. Paul's Chapel from inside the 9/11 Memorial on October 28, 2012. (Notice the steeple and the trees border the Twin Tower property and it is the only greenery bordering the property.)

The sycamore tree on the property of St. Paul's chapel was replaced with an Erez (conifer) Tree...while the roots of the sycamore tree were immortalized. (Click this link and then click "The Trinity Root Today".) Also, the fall of the Twin Towers cracked the foundation of Federal Hall. Today, the Trinity Roots are in storage at Trinity Church:

Beginning in 2004, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shared in videos on the internet this information that 9/11 was an attack on the very ground that Washington chose for the consecration of our nation. However, it was an event in 2008 (the next correction/warning) that caused him to have a sense of urgency to get more people aware of these Harbingers...

The two largest stock market crashes in terms of points occurred seven years apart on the same Jewish day: Elul 29. These dates were 9/17/2001 and 9/29/2008. The point drop on the latter date was 777 points.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains "The Shemitah". Every seven years the land was supposed to have a rest with no intentional planting to be done. Also, all personal debts and loans were forgiven. This day on the Jewish calendar is Elul 29. More to the point, the two biggest crashes didn't occur on just a regular Elul 29. They both occurred on the Elul 29 that was the end of each seven year cycle.

The first crash came on the first day that trading was reopened after 9/11. The second crash came during the banking crisis...which continues to economically cripple our country. Jonathan Cahn believes another correction/warning will come if we don't respond to God, as a nation, with humility. However, his actual focus seems to be to make us aware of the coming Harbinger and NOT how to specifically avoid the next Harbinger. We will deal with the correct Biblical response in a later post in this mini-series.

"The Harbinger" by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn presents the case that the United States is being warned by God to humble herself. The warnings are physical and economical. They coincide with Isaiah 9:10...a verse that showed Israel's response to God's warnings was to become defiant instead of confessing and repenting. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn showed how the United States has literally and intentionally fulfilled Isaiah 9:10.

The rebuttal to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn would be to state this is all coincidence and that Isaiah 9:10 was meant only for Israel and does not apply to the United States.

In the next post, we will look at the principle behind Isaiah 9:10...

The Harbinger: Explanation of Isaiah 9:10


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing you so easily dismiss the detailed correlation between historical events and this scripture. I would provide the statistical improbability of that if I knew how to compute it, but I know it would be 10 to a very high power. These are not coincidences. They are a warning for those with ears to hear. However, I also know correlations and consistent biblical principles are not the final "bottom line." Only God determines that. I think Cahn was clear that inherent in the warning of already delivered partial judgment is also a real invitation to true repentance, a return to God. Yes, America has never been and never will be in a covenantal relationship with God as Israel is, however it is also irrefutably true that our founding fathers sincerely believed and credited the leading and blessings and providence of God for the formation of our nation and as such truly desired our nation to be "under God." Our original documents, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as also our body of laws until recent times, were derived in large part from the wisdom of scripture. We are a nation that has historically acknowledged, if not perfectly executed, a faith in the One true God and we are intentionally departing from the faith we once held. Billy Graham himself declared some years ago that God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah IF He didn't judge America....and things are much worse today than them. Cahn presents no new theme, but he documents details that leave us without excuse IF we dismiss them lightly as "coincidence." That makes me angry. I think you are reputable, so why would you be so reluctant to acknowledge Cahn has nailed it with his specificity, making a clear case we are under the measured and controlled judgment of God, which can only escalate IF WE DON'T RETURN, YES RETURN, TO HIM.

jg lenhart said...

Where did I dismiss the correlation between historical events and this scripture? I agree with it.

If you don't respond, you have an animal thought process: only able to see ONE perspective.

I'm asking for your input: able and willing to see more than one perspective.